Delande Lighting Closing Its Doors

Delande Supply Company is closing their Lighting Showroom in Salem in order to concentrate on their Wholesale Division in Peabody. Everything in stock has been marked down, so shop early for the best selection of light fixtures!

We want to take a moment to thank all of our loyal customers, vendors, and supporters throughout the years. We are truly honored to have helped residents and businesses find the perfect light fixture to enhance your space. Be sure to shop all of our fixtures while you still can!

Thank you all for everything!


How To Make Your Office Desk Pop With Light

The workplace is where most of us spend the most time as it is our means of providing for ourselves. Since you spend a good amount of time there why not personalize your workspace with the help of lights? Below are some creative ways to make your desk area pop with the use of different lights and light fixtures.

Battery Operated Lights

String lights and other versions of battery operated lights have become a huge hit with the holidays, especially with Christmas lighting. The great thing about these types of lights is that they don’t have to be used solely or just the holidays. You can drape your battery operated lights over your cubicle walls for a nice welcoming glow. Be sure to stick with subtle tones with the light colors as you do not want to distract your coworkers.

If you can’t use the lights to drape on walls, you can use them to spice up other desk accessories to make them pop. If you have a plant on your desk, you can cover the vase in the string lights for a gorgeous glaze accenting your plant.


Not only can lamps help your work area pop with light but they have a functional purpose as well. These are great light sources for reading and writing on your desk. When choosing a table lamp, be sure to pick one that does not interfere with your work area but still looks good to have on your desk. If you are worried about the bulkiness of table lamps, you can opt for desk lamps as they have thin adjustable bodies, small bases, and supply enough light to get your work done.

In-Drawer Lighting

Sometimes it can be hard to look for things that are in your desk drawers. The angle of where the item is could be hidden as light can’t get inside or if the items are all the way in the back it is hard to see. In addition, we tend to be in a rush so we want to be able to look for our desired items quickly rather than struggling to look for something. By placing a few strips of adhesive 4-inch LED tape lights to the inside of your cabinets, you will be able to find any item due to the instant illumination when you open your drawer.

Computer and Desk Lighting

If you are looking to light up your workspace while showing you are keeping up with modern trends, try adding strips of lighting to your area. Place USB powered tape light behind your monitor or on the edge of your desk for an illuminated outline. This will not only light up your desk area, it will show off a modern and futuristic vibe that will be sure to make you stand out from the crowd.



Top 5 Best Rated Light Products To Kick Off 2018

2018 is finally here and with our New Years resolutions of “New Year, New Me” you should consider improving your lighting this new year. From energy efficient LED lights to antique replicas, here are the top five rated light products to have and use for a bright 2018!

LED Wall Pack – PLT10831

The PLT E1112 LED wall pack is a great option to light a parking garage or side of a building. This pack comes with an optional shade to cut down on light pollution with an optional shade to help cut down light pollution. The light distribution in this pack helps direct the light forward while the light emitted from these fixtures increase nighttime visibility.

F32T8 Tube Light: Philips – 281550

The Philips 281550 T8 bulbs are better than your average fluorescent T8 tube light. The difference with these tube lights is that they have 50 percent less mercury that does not sacrifice the Lumen output and lamp life. Another advantage of these bulbs is that they have a 4100 Kelvin color temperature that conducts a cool white in appearance which helps improve productivity. A great addition to add to your office lighting this new year.

LED Ready Strip Fixture: PLT – 20015

If you are looking to upgrade to LED lighting in your garage or warehouse then the PLT 20015 LED ready strip fixture will be your go-to choice. The fixture is designed for any four 4-foot direct wire LED tube lights positioned in two rows of two. With flexible mounting options, this makes for easy installation for both commercial and residential uses.

LED Tube Light: LEDT – 10024CS

Direct wire LED tube lights are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to convert your old lighting fixtures to LED efficiency. These lights emit 1750 Lumens of cool white, 4100 Kelvin light with just 12.5 Watts. Simply saying that these lights will produce quality light without using too much energy. So if you are looking to switch to LED, you should consider these bulbs.

ST58 Edison Bulb: PLT – 40003

If you are one that enjoys retro-looking pieces and loves going with the classics, then the PLT Edison light bulb is your classic lighting answer. This antique bulb is designed to resemble the first light bulb invented. It goes great for custom made lamps and is a great option if you are trying to add a vintage feel to your space. Make a statement while supplying quality lighting with the PLT Edison Bulb.