Why You Can’t Use Certain LED Bulbs in Enclosed Fixtures

LED lights are a great upgrade from your regular fluorescent light bulbs but they have one disadvantage. Heat is the mortal enemy of LED light bulbs. They may look similar to other light bulbs on the outside, but the chip inside and LED is similar to computer chips. Meaning that LED bulbs should not be placed in areas with a lot of heat or they will overheat and shorten the lifespan of the LED. This is why some bulbs will label whether or not you can use them in enclosed light fixtures.

What is an Enclosed Light Fixture

An enclosed lighting fixture is where the light bulb is encased in a way that does not allow for proper ventilation. Some examples of lighting fixtures include porch lights where the bottom is glass or plastic instead of it being open, as well as a lensed recessed light fixture. If you use an ED ulb in an enclosed fixture when it isn’t designed for that may cause the bulb to overheat, potentially causing damage to not only the bulb but the fixture.  Before purchasing, make sure the bulbs you are looking at can be placed in an enclosed fixture so you can enjoy the full value of the light.



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